June 26, 2012

Someone has a brain, I'm sure

I absolutely loathe that this blog is public and anyone with half a brain that I know in real life could find it. I hate that social media tries to link everyone up through everything. It is creepy that Linkedin knows who I know and shows me who looks at my profile. It's creepy that my mother could find my Twitter without me even realizing it for far too long. I wish the Internet was more like real life and people communicated directly and openly.

That's a laugh. I don't actually believe there's such a thing as open communication, don't worry. Although! I have a tip to anyone suffering from communication issues with their significant other. Break up with them. Then be in an undefined position where you still see each other all the the time, but suddenly because you are not "together," communication just flows! You will do things like admit your darkest fears about the relationship and make contracts to put in writing precisely what you want from each other. It will be amazingly easy to say it all.

But it won't fix whatever issues are behind your communication issues. And then he will send you a message on Facebook and you will see all of those issues right there on the computer screen. Because the Internet is a part of real life now and insists on ruining everything.

(And although this ruins the beautiful closed circle of the entry as it stands above, I need to tell you all that Dogville was one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. And I've seen quite a lot of movies.  The bit when the man is going on about arrogance and discipline was the best speech I've ever heard and had been set up absolutely perfectly by the rest of the movie. Go see it. Now.)


  1. It's so how odd how human relationships work. This whole social media thingermabobber I find highly fascinating. I do not have an online presence other than my blog. And although I can be quite open and candid at times in a way, other times I really struggle with saying everything that's on my mind (i.e. last post).

    I'm always up for a good film, but no one else ever is... why have I allowed that to stop me though?

  2. You can probably use tools in blogger (or Google webmasters) to un-list your blog from all search engines. That makes things a lot harder to find. The other blogs that link to yours probably do not rank very highly in Google.

    Like Rafia, I find it fascinating that social media has become a big part of life. I guess that I shouldn't be too surprised, but my use of social media never really went beyond showing off photos to friends.

    People hold off information from their significant others? Hrm.... I shall keep that in mind if I am ever suspicious of my boyfriend. (But all is well with us, and communication seems just fine for the moment.)

  3. Sooo I've never seen or heard of that movie, but I guess that I probably should at some point/soon? :p

    Blah. My ex-boyfriend messaged me on Facebook to break up with me. He's not for communicating in person, and he would want to talk about things online - even if we were RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. It's crazy how social media seems to be the preferred way of communicating with each other.

    Personally, though, I miss just writing and receiving snail mail... Life was a lot easier back then, though.

  4. Did something bad happen to you personally to make you write this blog? If so, I'm really sorry. The Internet has made people cowards. I mean, why talk to someone when you can email them? Especially when it's really personal stuff like breaking up a relationship or saying you've got a deadly disease or something. I think it's worse than talking in person, because once it's out there, it's permanent. Not enough people realize that.

  5. Social media, and especially Facebook, does seem to have made some people forget the concept of boundaries and feel like they're entitled to be in on everything.

    My blog is anonymous, and I don't share it with people I know, mainly because I never want my current or future employers to be able to link it to me. But I accidentally left it open in a browser window one day while some friends came over, and they're so annoyed that i want give them the address for it.

    Back in the day, before the internet, no-one would have dared to demand that you show them the contents of a journal or notebook you were writing in.