January 26, 2013

Go see Jane

Yesterday we got a new roommate. There are now five of us living in this crumbling apartment. We barely had enough fridge space when there were four of us, so I have no idea how that's going to work out. I also have to share a bathroom now, which is something I was hoping to never have to do again.

The worst bit is that I wasn't even told that it was going to happen, I figured it out on my own and then surprise, there she was!

One day I will live by myself. And it will be absolutely wonderful. One day...


  1. On the bright side, does this mean your rent is a little cheaper, at least? :/

    1. We don't pay rent. Our contracts include free accommodation.

  2. I was wondering if having a new roommate will decrease your rent... It's got to decrease, right? Still. I can imagine how uncomfortable it is to have a new roommate when there's barely any space. And I would hate to surrender any bathroom space!

  3. Dude, that is not okay. But the world works differently over there. I hope that you'll like her, though!

  4. That sucks that they didn't even tell you that she was moving in (although maybe only one person knew and didn't bother to tell the rest of you). You have the right to know about it beforehand, and you have the right to object to it.

  5. :( Hopefully you two will get along or something? I'm sorry that you didn't know about it until last minute.

  6. currently me and my boyfriend have a room mate & at times it can be frustrating, but five! man o man! i hope your bathroom partner isnt an inconciderate slob like ours - augh i wont even give you a detail on any of that! as for you living with three people and none of them had the decency to tell you about adding a fifth person - thats so rude! i would have complained but when you live with many people you learn to keep your mouth shut about a lot of shit to avoid un needed drama! goodluck with the new addition!~!!