January 11, 2013

Because sharing is caring

Today I am going to share some internet with you!

This article in the New York Times magazine about a movie that Lindsay Lohan and James Deen star in. Having worked on movies and knowing people in the industry, it was interesting. I've always found it insanely obnoxious that the talent (that's literally what they're referred to on sets) gets treated as if they're gods. The general hierarchy of production sets is obnoxious, actually. There was one movie I was an extra in, and even we got treated like gold compared to how my friend, who was a production assistant, got treated. She spent all day tripping all over herself to hand the director the right whatever or get the talent that one ridiculously specific thing they wanted. We sat on our asses eating free food and then had to occasionally get up and stand in backgrounds. (This was a slightly higher budget film than usual ones my friends worked on in those days, roughly around where The Canyon budget was.)

I'm sad the movie will be terrible. James Deen is my favorite porn star and I just want to give him a hug and tell him that everything's going to be ok. I often contemplate his number of friends. He and I could be such lovely friends. With such lovely benefits.

This chart of heights of movie stars. I always knew that movie stars were short, but it was fun to see it in a chart. And then to put myself on the chart and see that I could still date Johnny Depp. Phew. Also, I have a theory that shorter people are more attractive in the face than taller people, but I can never quite find enough evidence to definitively make the correlation. (I have a lot of strange theories that would confirm your opinion that I am crazy.)

This video of the Egyptian parody of Gangnam Style. I don't understand a word of it, but I just like to watch Arabs dancing. And the part with the girl with the phone held to her ear by her hijab is so Arab. My students are obsessed with fucking Gangnam Style too. Basically I feel that the video will give you some nice pictures of Arab life. One day perhaps I will post a bunch of Youtube clips shown to me by my ex-Arab-boyfriend so that you can get more glimpses of Arabian culture.

This article about why we hate hipsters on food stamps and why that's a good thing(?) I don't know if the author was actually trying to stay that it's a good thing, to be honest. I don't know what the author was trying to say at all, really. And I definitely don't agree with everything in it, but it was good food for thought. I constantly mourn my decision to go to graduate school and hate anything about myself that is vaguely "hipster." But my life when I lived in NYC was insanely hipster and sometimes I just like to beat myself up about it by reading articles like this.


  1. I read that article about the hipsters a while ago and think that it's nothing more than a rant that shouldn't be read. Anyone on food stamps is not a good thing, and there are plenty of people who look like hipsters who have jobs and are doing good work. Also, where the hell does his claim that women are going to college nowadays to find a husband come from? (Of course there are some, but enough to just sweepingly claim that it's a thing women are doing?)

    The Gangnam-style parody was hilarious! The only reason the scenes didn't surprise me was because I've read your blog all this time! I think that more people need to watch that video.

    I have this theory that people who cheat on their SOs infinitely often (Tiger Woods) without feeling remorse and people who go around making tons of drama and partying with white powders all the time without any sort of remorse (not the average drug user I think) do so because they feel like they are gods and can get away with anything. I wonder if there would be less celebrity drama if the "talent" weren't treated like gods...

    Finally, OMG I'm the same height as Harry Potter!

  2. The article about Lindsay Lohan... TLDR. XD She's still around?

    I really hate how entertainers are glorified and treated as if they do anything of significant value. They fucking act, read a script, etc... Not really do anything too important to improve society. Not that it's really up to them. I think there are better people to look up to like scientists, inventors, physicist, engineers, doctors, etc... Not actors/celebrities/useless people. (Sorry if I'm going off on a tangent here... Couldn't stop my self with this rant. LOL)

    On a lighter note, I really enjoyed the parody you linked to. I wonder if there's more parodies of Oppa Gangnam Style of other cultures!

  3. I read that article about Lindsay, and I thought it was kind of sad, actually. On the one hand she's portrayed as this spoiled, demanding starlet. But the reporter could tell that she also seems to be this scared girl; I think she genuinely views her work as her only way to redeem herself. I haven't watched any of James Deen's movies, but I've read a few articles about him; he seems interesting, to say the least.
    I think the article about the hipsters made it sound as if some people thought they were "entitled" to food stamps, compared to other people who have no other option than to get government aid. When I worked in retail, two of my coworkers, who were a couple, had to apply for food stamps; despite the fact that they had three jobs between them, they were still struggling to get by. But on the other hand, there are people who take advantage of the food stamps system. I remember when I was a grocery store cashier; some people would buy a week's worth of groceries and pay for it with food stamps. Then they'd pay for forty or fifty dollars worth of cigarettes and alcohol with cash.

  4. My coworkers and I talked about that Lindsay Lohan NYT article at our happy hour yesterday! Did you read about how Lohan issued a response to it? She basically was like "Yeah, that article is true. However, all the stuff I did is standard in Hollywood, so it's not as big a deal as it seems." That's paraphrased of course, but that's the gist of her response. Oh, LiLo...

  5. For some reason I feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan after reading that article. I honestly think that the production team deserves a lot more credit and attention than the stars... sigh. It's how it is, isn't it?

    I took a photo with a life-size wax model of Johnny Depp. It was luuuurvely. :) I'm only 5 foot 2, haha. I was always a fan of Michael J Fox because he's such a cutie, partially because of his height. :') That height chart was so funny to look at, thanks for sharing!

  6. Poor James Deen. He seems like such a sweetheart. Poor Lindsay too. It seems she'll never amount to anything after all.

  7. Hello hello :) I was just having a quick peek at your blog and I am so curious about the ins and outs of teaching English in Abu Dhabi. I'm currently travelling through India and unfortunately don't have a decent internet connection for a long enough time to flick through your whole blog - is there a specific post you can point me to about it all? Or an email address I can reach you on perhaps? You can get me on hannah@hannahandtheworld.com :)


    1. P.S. If there is a specific post would you mind emailing me the link to it? I'd super duperly appreciate it!

  8. I'm totally procrastinating from a bunch of things right now so have only read the top part of the Lohan article... but it sounds awful. Also, that chart of celebrity heights made me laugh.