December 14, 2012

Today's random sharings

Yesterday my taxi driver turned to the classical station, which I've never heard in a taxi before. My ex used to play that station when we were hungover and driving somewhere, but I hadn't heard it in forever. I was hungover yesterday, so it was appropriate for the driver to find it and it made me very happy. I tipped him roughly 25 cents as a thank you.

I'm currently on winter break, which is 3 glorious weeks in this land. I am poor, so I can't go anywhere exotic like many of my friends are doing for at least a week or two, but I don't even care. I am so excited to have zero responsibilities. I can just sit back and enjoy the classical music!


  1. A 3 week break is nice! Even if you're not going anywhere, it's still nice to have time to just chill :) I really should go back to listening to classical music. Classical songs are so pretty and usually relaxing to listen to. I love ones with violin solos :)

  2. 25 cents! I wish I could tip someone 25 cents and have it be considered a generous tip.

    You just sent me on an extremely long UAE tipping standards google search out of curiosity :P The closest I could find was about a 50 cent standard but even so...

    1. Tipping is nonstandard as a whole. I rarely tip. Some restaurants add gratuity and a "tourist charge" (usually in hotels) and we all bitch about it, haha. The only time I "tip" is in the sense of "keep the change." But that would be the coins only, which would be up to 4 dirham (5 dirham is the smallest bill,) which is roughly one US dollar. I don't know why, it's just not expected here, and I'm not one to argue against keeping my money, haha. I also dissuade anyone who visits me from tipping because I do not want tipping to become the norm. Taxi drivers in particular are frustrating enough; I would not want to deal with them demanding tips.

  3. Wow! 3 week break sounds nice. :) I hope you can enjoy your break even if you're just staying in your place. :)

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  4. I'm open-minded when it comes to music. I can really enjoy any type of music; country, r&b, jazz, classical, rock, pop, etc.

    Enjoy your winter break! Mine is coming up soon too! Thank you, God! :) Can't wait for this accounting class to be over with! Accounting is pure torture!

  5. Classical music is great. I don't listen to it as much as I should, but whenever someone else plays it, all I want to do is close my eyes, relax and smile.

    I want to go somewhere too! But I am also quite poor (after spending it on a new computer oops!) but that's fine. I'm totally looking forward to doing absolutely nothing for my break as well! :)

  6. And yes those 3 weeks shall be glorious :D