December 21, 2012

Break lifestyle

Being on break is an absolute joy. This week there were only a few people around, so I basically hung out with the same two people every day. I'd wake up around noon and talk to my two friends about how I'm  never drinking again. I'd spend the day lying in bed watching movies. Eventually I would get up and get pretty, then go off to dinner. Then we'd go out and dance until the wee hours of the morning, making temporary new friends to bond with for a dance or a drink. Wake up the next day around noon and repeat it all again!

Today one of my friend arrives from America for a stay. And my other friends are starting to trickle back in from their travels to foreign lands. So things are about to get busy, in the best possible way. We have sights to see and Christmas dinners to eat and brunches to drink! It will not at all be like my holidays growing up or the typical holidays in America. There will definitely be no snow. I won't be with my family, but with people I've barely known for a year, some of whom I've known less than that. The Christmas trees are all fake and the ornaments lack all sentimentality. Nothing about it will be traditional. But in a weird way, I delight in that.

I take far too much pride in being unconventional, perhaps. But at least this year will be more normal than last year when I was in India being rudely awakened to the meaning of "third world country."


  1. Your break sounds awesome for one of three reasons:
    1. it is not cold, not cold at all
    2. you get to go out at night and stay out until whenever you want because you live in the city
    3. you are able to drink, whether or not you want to

    You are also from NYC, right? Are there real Christmas trees here? I've seen them being sold in downtown but I am not sure if the ones actually used to decorate the city are real, with the fire hazard warning.

    1. It is cold here! I have to wear sweatshirts, damn it!

      The ones used to decorate are usually real, I believe. Especially if they're outside. But I genuinely do not know. You should go around and investigate!

  2. I'm glad your break is going well! That sounds like a nice schedule to repeat every day :) Sometimes the unconventional stuff is a refreshing change and can be more fun.

  3. I hope one day to be able to say that I'm "trickling in" from a foreign country. Sigh.

  4. I love my school breaks! It gives me time to re-fresh and prepare myself for another class.. It also takes away the constant stress of school.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your break! I hope your friend had a great time coming to visit! =)

    Have a wonderful New Year!