November 17, 2012

Contrary to popular belief

I just made some really amazing tomato soup from scratch. I like to perpetuate the myth that I can't cook, but the truth is that I am at least adequate at following recipes. I am also a shockingly healthy eater. I rarely eat meat at home, and my shopping list is always half vegetables. I have sesame oil in my cabinet and frozen shrimp in my freezer. Later this week I will be making a cauliflower and quinoa kugel. My kitchen is far different than anyone I know would ever guess.

The myth that I don't cook comes mostly from my laziness. When I lived with my first roommate here, I let her cook for me. When I had a boyfriend, he brought me food that his mom had cooked. (I still have one of her plastic containers and three of her plates, which is probably rude of me, oops.) When I stayed at my friends' places this summer, they all cooked for me. And I never cook for anyone, so they assume that when they're not there, someone else must be cooking for me. I also will eat anything that is put in front of me, so they probably think I lack any taste buds.

The other day I was at the mall with some friends and I kept harping about how I wanted fried chicken like whoa. They probably imagine that all I do at home is order fried chicken. Or that I just don't eat because I'm too lazy to even order for myself. I find that myth highly amusing and plan to keep it up forever. So please, keep the truth on the DL.


  1. My cooking and baking skills are legendary amongst my group of friends (mind you, I also don't think any of my friends like to do either as much as I do).

    Mmm... fried chicken. That sounds really good right now, actually!

  2. For the most part, I hate cooking for myself only. If I do cook, I like to cook for two people, otherwise, I wouldn't cook at all. I always thought I was challenged in the cooking department, but after cooking with Jackson I realized that all I needed was just some practice and patience.

  3. People usually think I'm a good cook compared to my sister because I'm always the one cooking for us but it is in fact the other way round. My sister reminds me of you- she can cook well, but only if she has to. if there are other people around to cook for her then she is more than happy to let them! And hmm... home made tomato soup sounds really tasty : )