July 10, 2012


Today was officially my last day of work for this school year, alhamdulillah! I spent it sitting at a desk where I was supposed to hand out report cards. Roughly ten parents came to pick up report cards. Many of those who didn't make it to pick up the reports are travelling or will do it later, perhaps. But it is also very possible that many will just never pick them up because they're not interested in the results.

The first concrete road was constructed in Abu Dhabi in 1961. My mother was born 2 years after that. If my mother had been born 2 years after the first road of her country, I think my education would have gone down a little bit differently. And if that had happened and now I was a mother, (which I likely would be at 25 in this country,) I probably wouldn't care too much about a 2nd grader's report card.

I used to imagine that I wanted my children to never be as educated as I am. I wanted them to not be aware of the burden of potential and to just be happy. Ironically, I went into education because I think it is a solution to many of the world's problem. But on a personal level, I really wish I had spent more time just hanging around with people and doing stupid things. School is a waste of time. Alhamdulillah it's summer!

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  1. You lived through the school year! Congrats!

    When I was growing up, I was always told that education was a must and that my intelligence was a gift that needed to be used and that if I didn't it would mean dishonor to everyone and everything. Well, not literally, but that was the feeling I always got. I was also told that I wouldn't be happy without an education. I am happy with an education, but that says nothing about whether I'd be happy without one. 'Tis the woes (and perhaps ignorance) of middle class America.

    It's interesting to hear of parents who don't care too much about their kids' report cards. I guess that they have more important things to worry about - like building up the city!