April 19, 2012

So much remains the same

Today is Thursday, which is the start of our weekend here. (Friday is the holy day in Islam, thus we have to have Friday off, thus Thursday is our Friday.) I'm currently waiting for a friend to pick me up. I'm also currently procrastinating some chores that could easily be done while I am waiting... but they won't be.

Contrary to popular belief, life in modern foreign countries often ends up very similar to life in the modern country one comes from. I still am happiest when the text message on my phone comes from a boy. I still spend all my free time at home in bed, on the computer. I still enjoy dinners with my girl friends more for the gossip than the food. I still end up too busy on the weekends to really catch up on sleep. I still don't ever have quite enough money. And I still procrastinate doing my laundry.

The brands are different though. It's annoyingly difficult to find the brand of face lotion I prefer, so ever since the last one was taken from me (while going through security in Thailand) I just haven't used any face lotion. And contrary to popular belief, there really hasn't been any noticeable difference.


  1. I found your blog through Add Vodka's. And having never been to the Middle East, I'm utterly fascinated by your blog. I look forward to reading more!

  2. I can totally relate to the "missing" brands feeling. Last year, when I was in Ireland on holiday, I couldn't find any sanitary pads. They were all about tampons, but the pads I was used to... very hard to find. I just took that for granted, because back home I can find a truckload in any convenience store...

    The reverse is also true though. I miss the Caltrain (a commuter train between San Jose and San Francisco) so much. Our trains are so much dirtier and hardly ever on time... not to mention that they often lose in a contest with a rabid snail :P

  3. Funny to think that when it comes down to it monotany still manages to take over our lives