August 23, 2012

What a drag

My air conditioning is still not fixed. But that was to be expected.

The first of my friends from last year is back. I am much delighted by her return to my life because she feeds me and makes it less sad when I drink alcohol. This morning she and I went to breakfast and made jokes about the people who don't take their sunglasses off inside. ("It's so sunny in here!") It reminded me of the amusing days when I used to listen to similar indoor-sunglasses mocking from my ex.

Who is a huge pain in my ass now that he's an ex. Last night I had to leave the bar I was at because he cannot accept that we are broken up and was annoying the shit out of me. I can't decide if I should call him and yell at him for ruining my night or just let my anger simmer. He was a great, fun boyfriend. But as an ex-boyfriend, he is the absolute worst.


  1. The guy is still stalking you? What an immature brat! He needs to get a life. But at the very least, we all know that breaking up with him was the correct choice!

  2. I sometimes wear sunglasses inside. For some reason my eyes have a harder time handling the summer brightness than other people. So, if I'm wearing sunglasses in the summer I don't even notice its still on when I go indoors.

    That guy really fits the stereotype of needy females who think they can't get enough attention. Perhaps you should tell him that. :P

  3. I don't think you should call him because that might be what he wants - attention from you. I hope that he leaves you alone.

  4. I'm one of those losers who wears sunglasses indoors not because I think it's cool but because I just forget to take them off when I come inside. I swear. It takes me a few minutes to realize, or until someone tells me, then I take them off. :P

    Sorry about your ex! That sucks that he ruined your night. I suggest not calling him because it would add fuel to the fire, I think. I hope he realizes that you guys are done and can move on as well as letting you move on.