March 11, 2012

Being sick in a foreign country

I have either a massive cold or super allergies. Either way it is massively super lame.

This is not the first time this has happened to me. My senior year of college I was sick for a solid 6 months. (Meaning it was most probably allergies.) The next year that it happened, I went into an intensive dietary fix. There are certain foods that allegedly cure seasonal or environmental allergies. (Including, but not limited to: pumpkin, squash, red onion, apples, spinach, carrots, pine nuts.) I ate them all, at every meal, and I was cured! Whether it was placebo effect or the allergies had run their course, I did it every year around the time I got my allergies and I never saw them again.

Here is what everyone here has told me to do: take medicine.

I hate medicine and much prefer to let my immune system do what it does best. And yet I find myself popping two Panadol each morning. Panadol is not a brand found in America, so that in itself is foreign. Plus I used to avoid all medicines of that pain-relief type; I was staunchly against symptom-medication. But here, no problem, hand me the drugs. I'm also taking a generic antihistamine that may or may not be doing anything. And there's a tea for cold and flu, which contains a drug that I don't even bother to remember. I've also taken four different antibiotics in the past six months, although that's not related to this bout of illness.

Being sick in a foreign country makes me feel incapable of letting my body fix itself. It has enough to deal with to add on whatever actual diseases attack it, right? Right.


  1. I'm not sure what foods are available in the UAE, but those foods you mentioned might not all be widely available there. And maybe those foods wouldn't cure the allergy you're getting now so you might even need a whole different set of foods.

    I hope that the medicine works! As long as you're eating healthily, then you should be all right I think.

  2. Even I hate taking medication. It really isn't curing anything. But if eating fresh worked for you at home with your allergies, is it possible to give that a try there too? Just eat more fruits and veggies, missy!

  3. When I was in China, I found myself on an IV drip of penicillin to cure a sinus infection.

    Being abroad tosses out normal illness situations out the window!