March 31, 2012

I wish I could say more, but...

Yesterday I went jet-skiing for the first time in my life. It is the epitome of Abu Dhabi activities.

I cannot tell if the noises I hear outside are coming from a child or a cat. I also just watched a mosquito fly past my face in my room. I have no idea how it got in here. This apartment is such a downgrade from all my previous residences.

Tonight I'm going to a dinner with some friends and a friend's dad. I am petrified of people's parents.

Then, at midnight, I leave for Thailand. Someone should really pack my bag already...


  1. Girrrl, why are you going to Thailand? Are you going on a mini-vacation? If so, have fun!

    Speaking of Abu Dhabi activities, isn't there a indoor ski resort there? Or would that be in Dubai?

    1. It was a mini-vacation, yes. The perk to being a teacher is that I still get all the vacations, haha.

      There's a ski slope in Dubai, but it's not really a resort. It's like one run. I'd say it's a good place to learn to ski, maybe, but since I know how to ski already I totally turn my nose up at it, heh.

  2. Thailand?! Exciting! Whereabouts are you going?

    1. We stayed in Phuket, roughly halfway between Patong Beach and Bangla road.

  3. Totally agree: bags should be packing themselves!

    Ooooh jet-skiing sounds like fun, on paper (or screen) at any rate. You should post some pictures. Is Abu-Dhabi really all that? I totally imagine it the way I see it in those chain-mail power points: full of stinkin' rich people and endless sky-scrapers. :P

    Oh and how's (or how was) Thailand? :D